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communications coaching.

I can't hear you!

You sound like a little girl.

Your accent is too thick!

Your message isn't clear.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, voice and accent coaching can help.  I have a Master's degree in theatre with an emphasis in voice, as well as advanced certifications in voice, speech and accent reduction. For the past decade, I have taught at top Universities, and worked privately with doctors, lawyers, executives and performers interested in communicating with more clarity, vibrancy, and ease.


Whether you are preparing for an important presentation or audition, or you just want to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others, I can help. I work one-on-one and in small groups, in person or virtually.


- Gain practical tools for becoming a more dynamic and effective speaker

- Hone and enhance your presentation, pitch, or TedTalk

- Correct voice and speech patterns that are getting in your way (e.g. up-speak, the creak, little girl voice, the bully)


- Dialect Design

- Voice & Text work for Shakespeare

- 911 accent, voice, or speech help for one or more actor


- Performers: Nail an accent for an audition or performance

- Non-native English speakers: Communicate with greater clarity and ease


- Private or small group sessions available

- For more about Fitzmaurice Voicework:

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