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about me


In my professional life I wear many hats, but at the heart of it all is my commitment to empowering voices -- both literally and figuratively. 

Whether I do that by helping a reticent student connect to the true power of her breath; opening up the voice of a leading physician so he can better champion for the uninsured; or creating new theatre to amplify the stories of those in a marginalized group, I am dedicated to applying the tools of theatre as a performer, voice & speech specialist, director, writer, and teacher to empower voices.

I have an MFA in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory and am Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework. For many years, I have taught voice, speech, accents, Shakespeare, voiceover and public speaking in higher education. Most recently I was Head of Voice & Speech at University of Iowa. curriculum vitae

In my private practice, I work with doctors, lawyers, teachers, and executives to help them communicate with more clarity, vibrancy, and ease.


I have acted professionally since 1997 in theater, film, television and voiceover. acting resume


I currently live in New Jersey with my husband and two daughters.

projects in development



This new work was created from interviews conducted by myself and my team. We traveled the state of Iowa interviewing Muslims, scholars, public officials and Iowans with varying levels of understanding of the Muslims religion and Islamic culture. The play seeks to explore the complexity of the Muslim community in Iowa and give a window into what it means to be a Muslim in the Midwest of America today.


In April 2018, we had a successful public reading of Muslims in Iowa at Hancher Auditiorium in Iowa City. Over 350 people were in attendance, and it has spurred many discussions which have revealed ways in which the play can continue to evolve.  For updates on the continued development of the project, please:





This project was funded by Hancher Auditorium and the Doris Duke Foundation of Islamic Art and is part of a larger project entitled Embracing Complexity. The aim of Embracing Complexity is to elicit understanding of Islamic culture and religion through research and artistic expression. For other Embracing Complexity Events,


upcoming project.

 { Radical }

a solo show exploring epigenetics, grief, faith, and motherhood.

tour dates coming soon.

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